1) Session details

I texted Kylie after I saw her ad on SMC. Her reviews are few but solid. She met me at the side door to the apartment and I followed her up the stairs to her floor. I couldn’t believe that she was a tgirl at first… she’s very sexy and feminine!

Kylie if a natural dom girl who is exclusively a top. As soon as I was undressed, she wasted no time in putting her thick and hard cock into my mouth. She made me gag over and over and I could tell she enjoyed doing that! Then she prepared my ass by fingering me meanwhile having this mischievous grin on her face.

Then she made me spread my legs for her while she put on her condom. She is very thick, but she knows how to start slow and didn’t make it hurt too much. She pounded me for about 10 minutes and then she removed her cover and made me suck her some more.

She then oiled up my hard cock and stroked me telling me to cum in a very sexy voice. I finally exploded all over my chest and in her hand, then she piled a handful of my cum together and tried to put her fingers in my mouth. I licked it a little then spit it out, but if she insisted, I would have swallowed it all…

I would have given her a higher score but she was not very vocal during the session. Maybe we didn’t quite connect or maybe she’s a little shy. Either way I hope to see her again if she visits out West again.

2) Session details

This session was a 10 because I just received a fucking pounding!!!!
Kylie was so nice at the door, very kind and extremely sexy in her black stockings and corset. I of course was wearing my black stockings and lingerie
Her cock is fucking amazing!, so delicious to suck and she grabbed my angles and was inside of me in seconds!!! and Im tight!
It felt so nice sliding in and out, I was in heaven…….so much that as Im writing this I want to grab a dildo and fuck my ass again
After a while I jerked all over myself while Kylie fucked my mouth……..again what a great session!!!

3) Session details

Fantastic session. Let me start by saying Kylie has a great body, sexy face and amazing cock. So I find myself downtown and figure while I’m there, might as well see if there are any babes around. As luck would have it, Kylie is and doesn’t have anything planned a half hour after I call. On the phone, I told her what I was looking for, which is definitely important so you know what the provider will and won’t do. I described myself to her and we were set for what was about to be my greatest TG experience to date.

So I arrive and hand over the donation straight away. She leads me into the bedroom and tells me to disrobe. She’s already naked and her dick is…cock stiff. She asks me if I’m going to suck it. Of course I am! And in the mouth it goes while she lay on the bed. All kinds of bobbing going on while she’s jerking my dick. Next we get into some 69 and then I lay on the bed with my head dangling and she throat fucks me for a bit. All the while I’m in absolute heaven. Next, it’s on to the ass play. It doesn’t last long before she wraps up her beautiful cock and lubes me up. Normally it takes some time to get me relaxed enough to get in. It was only a matter of a minute before Kylie is balls deep in my rear. This babe knows how to fuck. She slams me with my legs over her shoulders, her standing up for quite some time. Then she pulls the rubber off and I naturally drop to my knees and swallow her fat juicy dick. It tastes amazing. But I’m not done, I stand up and put my ass in her crotch and she knows just what to do. Wraps back up and really gives me a pounding. She’s encouraging me to fire a load. As she continues to have her way with me I am jacking myself really good. She’s in and out. It’s fucking hot. Then, release. I rarely have a release like that alone let alone with a huge dick inside of me.

We do a little chatting and I depart. Only a couple of hourS have passed and I’ve already texted her to say I’m going to try and see her again tomorrow. Let me tell you guys. Closest thing to a 10 that I’ll likely ever experience.

4) Session details

Greeted at the door by a tall pretty blonde dressed in a slinky one piece dress. We chatted a bit and checked out the view from her condo. We made our way to the bedroom when before I had my shirt off she had disrobed to reveal her magnificent she-cock dangling from a toned body, we joined up on the bed for light kissing, rubbing and fondling of each others bodies and after sucking, kissing and fondling her breasts I made my way down to her luscious she-cock which was becoming more erect with the attention I was giving it. After sometime of adoring it we moved to mutual oral and eventually she had me lay on my back near the edge of the bed and after covering and lubing up she masterfully entered me and proceeded to fuck me good until i shot a huge load with her stroking me, my god what a sensation. I laid there in ecstasy enjoying the feeling while she cleaned me up and offered some refreshment.

Kylie is a top, a very good one at that, somewhat dominant, pleasant though and accommodating. I will repeat when the opportunity arises.